Eddy Walda - Singer / Songwriter / Composer

Eddy Walda, 22,  is a singer / songwriter / composer from northern Michigan. Eddy writes solo piano and indie / alternative music. Right now Eddy is Harvard College, working with a new band project and writing song after song.

Eddy comes from a completely nonmusical family, his first real experience with music was 5th grade band. After learning the piano for a girl in 6th grade, Eddy was diagnosed with Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). To combat the emotional trauma of being diagnosed with a genetic disease as a twelve year old, he dove into music full force. He started writing and eventually self released a full length solo piano album in 2012 as a sophomore in high school. Eddy soon graduated high school as valedictorian and was accepted to Harvard College in Cambridge MA. In 2015, Eddy released a full length self produced pop album called "Shelter".

Eddy is now releasing music under the moniker "eddy died young". His first EP, "and now we're taller" was released January 2018.

Professionally, Eddy is now pursuing a degree in computer science and a minor in music composition. Musically, Eddy is working on his live act, and finding his place in the music industry, one song at a time.